Pantone announced Ultra Violet as the color of the year 2018! What makes me so excited about it is that it is the color of the flower that I am named after! Ha!

Anyway, I am so excited about using this color in event design this year. I can’t wait to see how designers are incorporating this color. I think it has been neglected for a long time and deserves some love! I hope it goes on to achieve the success that rose quartz and serenity did 2 years ago!

Ultra violet makes me think about the cosmos, the mysteries of the universe and what lies beyond. It is the color of the beautiful sky on a clear starry night. There is a certain enigma attached to the color. It is the color of non-conformity and rebellion! I think designers can use this fascinating color to signify royalty and power. I can definitely see a lot of brides wanting this color.

Here’s a big dose of ultra-violet goodness for you!

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