Pantone announced Ultra Violet as the color of the year 2018! What makes me so excited about it is that it is the color of the flower that I am named after! Ha!

Anyway, I am so excited about using this color in event design this year. I can’t wait to see how designers are incorporating this color. I think it has been neglected for a long time and deserves some love! I hope it goes on to achieve the success that rose quartz and serenity did 2 years ago!

Ultra violet makes me think about the cosmos, the mysteries of the universe and what lies beyond. It is the color of the beautiful sky on a clear starry night. There is a certain enigma attached to the color. It is the color of non-conformity and rebellion! I think designers can use this fascinating color to signify royalty and power. I can definitely see a lot of brides wanting this color.

Here’s a big dose of ultra-violet goodness for you!

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1920s Wedding Invitations: by LBC Design Co

Red, black, and white are hot colors for a 1920s wedding. Do-it-yourself wedding invitations are not only unique, they can be fun to make and save you money. When you use your computer, they’re easy.

We have Kareena from LBC Design Co break it down for us.

The biggest amount of time is in setting up the cards, envelopes, and RSVPs. Start to finish, one card and envelope took me less than 30 minutes. And the printing was about 1 minute for both the envelope and invitation. So for 50 invitations, I’d guess the time would be about 20 minutes plus 50 minutes, or a total of one hour and 10 minutes. Your time may vary significantly depending upon how quickly you create your design, and the speed of your printer.

So what are the steps to making 1920s wedding invitations?

1. Choose your cardstock.

You have lots of choices. For simplicity, I chose white card stock. Adding color with printing is a snap.

2. Assemble your materials.

You’ll need:

Printer, and
Stationery printing or word processing program. I used The Print Shop 2 for Mac. Check at your office supply store for your options.

Cardstock or blank cards,
Envelopes for the invitations,
Blank card stock or cards for the RSVP cards,
Envelopes for the RSVP cards, and
Any embellishments, such as ribbons you want to add.

3. Open your program and design.

I opened the card-making section of my program and chose a vertically folded half page invitation. One page will fit on a single sheet of card stock without cutting. A real time saver! The final folded size is 5-1/2 inches wide by 8-1/2 inches tall.

Art deco was very popular in the 1920s, so you may want to use an art deco border or image. The border I used came with The Print Shop 2 for Mac.

For the invitations, I chose a font I thought looked appropriate. It’s called Mona Lisa Solid ITC TT.

For continuity I reprinted the border on the envelope.

4. Print a test on plain paper.

Check your design and alignment of each item you’re printing.

Be sure you’re happy with them before printing all the rest.

5. Print and mail.

Time to print them, and mail. Have a super wedding!

LBC Design Co can do custom made wedding invitations for just about any theme! Do check them out.

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Happy Halloween

In honor of all hallow’s eve where you can dress up and be almost anyone, I thought I’d share some of my favorite Fantasy Theme Weddings.
This Tron inspired wedding is absolutely brilliant. Check out the feature on Green Wedding Shoes for all the details.
This shoot was inspired by Tangled, but of course. Love this one as seen on Wedding Chicks.
This one was inspired by Super Mario. This one is so imaginative. I love it. See it here on Green Wedding Shoes.
Then, of course, theirs the fantastical scene of the wedding ceremony of Edward & Bella. In case you didn’t already know, I’m a big Twilight Fan. I’m also Team Edward. I’m prepared to see the movie opening night! Can’t wait!!!
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Trend: Ombre Wedding Cakes

Photo by Caroline Tran as seen on Elizabeth Anne Designs Blog.
I love using color to help express the style of a wedding and this is such a cool and unique way to do it. It’s called Ombre, basically, you have colors that look as if they fade into each other which creates a luxurious and unique effect. Here are some amazing Ombre cakes I found.
As seen in El Paso Wedding Blog. 
As seen on Project Wedding.
As seen on Maggie Austin Cake. 
Cake on the left by Cake Coquette, cake on the right featured on Pinterest
Cake by a Swiss bakery called Call Me Cupcake. 
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