How To Have a Successful Pre Wedding Shoot in Mumbai

We all know that a wedding is one of the most important days in two individuals’ lives. It is a day of love, joy, and the union of two families together as one. We all know that some memories last forever, but those special memories we don’t ever want to forget should be captured and passed down from generation to generation. This is why it is important for the wedding party to be in direct communication with your photographer. Here are a few Wedding Photography tips to help your photographer create the perfect wedding album.

1. Meet with your photographer at least twice before the wedding. The first time is to go over the basic information such your theme, your expectations, what the photographer offers, the number of people in the bridal and groom party, and other business specifics. The second meeting should be at the actual wedding location. If your photographer is also photographing at the reception, this location should be specified as well. It is extremely important for the photographer to get a general idea of the lighting, furniture, garnish placements, etc.

2. Try to arrive at least two to three hours before the wedding if you are taking pre-wedding shots. In most cases, the photographer is able to take a good portion of photos prior to the wedding in order to get the wedding party headed to the reception on time.

3. Follow your photographer’s guide while setting up for group picture formations. The wedding party’s participation is vital in order to get photos taken in a timely manner. In most cases, the photographer is experienced enough to know what setup works and give the proper guidance for poses in order for your pictures to be unique, beautiful, and eye-catching. The wedding party’s participation also helps to maneuver through the different picture setups quickly and easily.

4. Most importantly, have fun and relax. Weddings are a time of celebration and happiness. If anyone is bitter or stressed in the wedding party, it will show in the pictures and that’s how that person will be remembered. It is because of good stylists and a photographer like Flgroe Studios who knows what the best angle is to make some look like a million bucks.

After you get engaged you must start the wedding budget and planning process. Weddings are expensive so it is a good idea to pick a few areas spend the most money on and make really awesome. One of the best places to spend well is your pre wedding photography, advise the wedding photographers at Flgroe Studios in Mumbai. You will want great photos to help remember every moment of your wedding. The truth is you will be so busy on your wedding day that you will miss a lot of the small details that a good photographer will be able to catch for you. Not to mention you will want a fantastic photographer who will know how to make you look your best in every photograph. Ever wonder why the starts always look flawless in their photos?

For your Mumbai area wedding I give my full and complete recommendation to these pros. This is based out of Andheri West, in the heart of Mumbai. He is an absolutely amazing photographer. I have seen two wedding personally that he has done and was a bridesmaid in one of them. They are extremely creative with their poses and take truly amazing shots. They have years of experience that also makes them a mini wedding planner. They have been around so many weddings they can tell you exactly what to do and when! That is a good bonus to have in your wedding photographer. Flgroe Studios prices are good as well. They are not cheap by any means but definitely a lot less expensive than other wedding photographers. Their all day package including the rights to the photographs are indicated on their website. You can get packages above and below that depending on the type of coverage you would like and the number of photographs.

They take gorgeous photographs as well but they are definitely not on the high end of the price spectrum. Their pre wedding photography seems to be more modern with more unique shots and angles and less of the traditional posed photos.

If you are looking for a good pre wedding shooter that will not break your bank then consider them. A day’s shooting includes 8 hours of coverage and a photo session at a location of your choice between the wedding and ceremony as well as a cd of all the wedding photos. You also get an engagement photo session.

There are so many photographers you can use for your Mumbai, Indian pre wedding. Make sure you do your research and do not just choose a photographer based on price. You do not want to pick the cheapest photographer and then end up with crappy photos to remember your day. Ask for references and have other friends that have gotten married already give you their recommendations.

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Best Wedding Gift Registry Websites

wedding registry

A registry is a wonderful idea for anyone planning a wedding. It helps you get the items you really need and avoid the plague of ten toasters. Many stores, both brick and mortar and online venues, offer wedding registries or wish lists. Three of the best online registries include Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target and

Bed, Bath and Beyond online, located at, offers many of the essential items perfect for any newlywed couples. Since many couples are setting up their home, or at least are in need of items for their home, this is a great website. You can get anything from bedding to bathroom accessories to kitchen items and more. They offer many items that would be practical for the home. Also, there are often coupon codes, which can give your gift givers a break on the budget. They are a very popular place for wedding registries, thus their website is very easy to navigate and it is easy to add and delete items, as well as check the status of items. They have a great selection, as well. The registry also works in conjunction with their stores, giving you and your gift givers added flexibility.

Target has set up a registry at, aptly named Club Wedd. Target is a wonderful place to have a registry because of the sheer number of items and selection that they offer. Also, some people may be apprehensive about going to unknown websites to pick out gift, however Target is such a large and well-known nationwide corporation that it should make givers a little more comfortable about the security. They offer many good brands at reasonable prices. It is easy to create a registry there, and like with Bed Bath and Beyond, you can work with both the online portion and the actual stores for increased flexibility. has a wonderful wish list feature that you can use as a wedding registry. There are some advantages to this. First, Amazon offers free shipping on many items, which can be of great value. Also, they offer an amazing selection of items. Not only do they have their own massive stock of items but they allow other sellers to go through their system. They even have something called the Universal wish list button, which allows you to add items from other websites to your registry. In addition, they often offer the prices of several sellers so that you get the best price. They are very easy to use and are very well known.

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Pantone announced Ultra Violet as the color of the year 2018! What makes me so excited about it is that it is the color of the flower that I am named after! Ha!

Anyway, I am so excited about using this color in event design this year. I can’t wait to see how designers are incorporating this color. I think it has been neglected for a long time and deserves some love! I hope it goes on to achieve the success that rose quartz and serenity did 2 years ago!

Ultra violet makes me think about the cosmos, the mysteries of the universe and what lies beyond. It is the color of the beautiful sky on a clear starry night. There is a certain enigma attached to the color. It is the color of non-conformity and rebellion! I think designers can use this fascinating color to signify royalty and power. I can definitely see a lot of brides wanting this color.

Here’s a big dose of ultra-violet goodness for you!

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1920s Wedding Invitations: by LBC Design Co

Red, black, and white are hot colors for a 1920s wedding. Do-it-yourself wedding invitations are not only unique, they can be fun to make and save you money. When you use your computer, they’re easy.

We have Kareena from LBC Design Co break it down for us.

The biggest amount of time is in setting up the cards, envelopes, and RSVPs. Start to finish, one card and envelope took me less than 30 minutes. And the printing was about 1 minute for both the envelope and invitation. So for 50 invitations, I’d guess the time would be about 20 minutes plus 50 minutes, or a total of one hour and 10 minutes. Your time may vary significantly depending upon how quickly you create your design, and the speed of your printer.

So what are the steps to making 1920s wedding invitations?

1. Choose your cardstock.

You have lots of choices. For simplicity, I chose white card stock. Adding color with printing is a snap.

2. Assemble your materials.

You’ll need:

Printer, and
Stationery printing or word processing program. I used The Print Shop 2 for Mac. Check at your office supply store for your options.

Cardstock or blank cards,
Envelopes for the invitations,
Blank card stock or cards for the RSVP cards,
Envelopes for the RSVP cards, and
Any embellishments, such as ribbons you want to add.

3. Open your program and design.

I opened the card-making section of my program and chose a vertically folded half page invitation. One page will fit on a single sheet of card stock without cutting. A real time saver! The final folded size is 5-1/2 inches wide by 8-1/2 inches tall.

Art deco was very popular in the 1920s, so you may want to use an art deco border or image. The border I used came with The Print Shop 2 for Mac.

For the invitations, I chose a font I thought looked appropriate. It’s called Mona Lisa Solid ITC TT.

For continuity I reprinted the border on the envelope.

4. Print a test on plain paper.

Check your design and alignment of each item you’re printing.

Be sure you’re happy with them before printing all the rest.

5. Print and mail.

Time to print them, and mail. Have a super wedding!

LBC Design Co can do custom made wedding invitations for just about any theme! Do check them out.

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Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian

The tennis mega star married beau Alexis Ohanian (co-founder of Reddit) in a Beauty and the Beast-themed ceremony at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans! Her dress, designed by none other than Alexander McQueen. I would say the wedding was a total grand slam!

Serena seems to be a big fan of the movie as the guests were welcomed to the tune of Our Guest from the Disney movie. Venus Williams, Ciara, Kim Kardashian, Kelly Rowland, Beyoncé, La La Anthony, Eva Longoria and her husband José Bastón were in attendance!

I loved the pictures from their wedding shoot, taken by their talented photographer.

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Swooning over the Royal Wedding!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are to marry on May 19, 2018. The wedding is to take place at the Windsor Castle. While there is no confirmation on her designer of choice, in the past she was dressed by Ralph & Russo for her engagement photo session.

I personally hope she would turn to someone like Maison Margiela or Misha Nonoo (her close friend) for the wedding day!

As for her bridesmaids – Priyanka Chopra, Serena Williams, Misha Nonoo and Jessica Mulroney are all names that have been suggested i the media, but we can only wait and watch!

Here’s a compilation of gowns that I would love to see on the princess!

Source: Vogue UK

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Some Wedding Cost Saving Ideas

Most girls have this ideal picture of what their wedding is going to be like. As children, these ideas come from play and imagination. As teenagers, the ideas come from magazines, friends, internet and perhaps going to a wedding themselves. She sees flowers, a white dress, lace and a happily ever after.

The reality of the approaching day rarely resembles that fantasy as a child. A wedding is a lot of work. By the time the wedding day gets here, all of the work and planning and details come to fruition. The bride has been distracted and tense at making sure everything will be perfect.

The cost of the wedding is of utmost importance. There are not many people who have money to burn on a wedding. There are also no couples who want to start off their married life deep in debt just tying the knot. A good plan is what is needed to avoid large costs. Being choosy will help the bride and groom pull off a beautiful wedding without the stress of worrying about cost.

– Personalizing decorations add a personal touch to the wedding and reception. Childhood photos of the bride and groom and their families can fill a reception table nicely next to the guest book. The photos can also be used on the tables incorporated into the centerpieces. Also, consider using photos of the invitations and other keepsakes. Creating a design centered around photos can certainly let other creative juices flow to add to those photographs. Imagine having an entire theme based on just a couple hundred photos! Simple, beautiful and absolutely memorable.

– Renting decorations instead of buying them is something that can be considered. Many decorations will not be used again, why spend that kind of money? From something as big as an arc walkway to something as small as vases and flower arrangements, everything can be rented. Compare the cost of renting versus buying to see which is more cost-effective.

– If children are invited to your wedding and reception, consider creating a kids area where they have their own table and their own favors. How does this save money? The answer is simple. If kids are occupied with their own setup, they will not accidentally break anything that cannot be replaced. Plus it gives them their own purpose and their own party.

– Marriage is not only the union of two people but two entire families. Including them in the ceremony itself can save money if they can offer a talent such as playing an instrument as the other guests arrive. If anybody can sing, that would be a nice addition. It shows support if the family can help with these activities.

– For the food, you can ask your church ladies to help. Friends are another go-to group. If you can enlist the help of those kinds of people, the cost of the food itself will be all that is needed. Other options that can be cost-effective are catering companies just starting out with a discount or students from culinary schools. Another option is potluck. These are often successful because everybody will want to bring their very best dishes. If the expense is still too great, consider inviting fewer people to the wedding or having a very simple cocktail and hors-d’oeuvres reception instead.

– There are a lot of kids starting out who would love to doing a wedding for your music if you want a band or DJ. Live music via band or DJ has been the tradition for generations. However, downloaded music played over the speakers is also great. That way, the bride, and groom can tailor their tastes as well as incorporate it into the overall theme.

Having a nice wedding doesn’t have to be expensive with a good plan. It’s your wedding, being able to remember that it’s a union of two people, two families is what the celebration should be about, not about the decorations.

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Lysa and Ethan – Friends Getting Married!

Two of my close friends and beautiful people Lysa and Ethan just tied the knot and I could not be happier!

I had the pleasure of styling their wedding for them. Lysa and Ethan were a delight to work with. I have known of Lysa’s taste to be very refined and classy and she did not disappoint with her wedding!

As a personal present, I gifted Lysa with a handmade necklace and earrings set!

We chose pale gold and white as the theme for this beautiful wedding that was held in the Modesto Banquet Hall. Stay tuned for more picture from this beautiful wedding that I have been promised by their delightful photographer!

Update: I have received the first lot of pictures, sharing these and waiting for the rest!


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Wedding Invitations for Free?

There are many different ways to go about inviting people to a wedding. In the end, you always want to have a copy of it in the wedding scrapbook – to look back at over the years. Some companies charge the upwards of hundreds of dollars or even thousands, depending on how many guests you are inviting. However, these are often simply a fancy card stock with something printed on it with a normal printer.
So in terms of cost, I lied a little, it’s not free if you don’t have any card stock. Fancy textured stuff can cost as much as ten dollars… if you want it to be super fancy it can cost as little as two bucks. Either way, you simply have to use your open office (FREE software download office software) document maker and a little bit of imagination (priceless) in order to come up with the unique card which will make everyone flaunt and rave over.

What are some tips for making sure you have the most amazing wedding invitations? Make sure that you use a consistent theme for the front and the inside if you decide to make a folding invitation. Practice printing one to make sure you have it designed to fold right – that can get a little tricky.

GO GREEN! Not for your color scheme – instead email copies of invitations to guests who know how to open attachments. It saves the environment some trees and you some green $$$ in your wallet.

What else is important to remember when designing your wedding card? Make sure to change the font from the default to something new that fits the overall style of your card. However, even though you should be bold and exciting – make sure it can be read. Webdingalnigius or whatever other silly symbol fonts, or any CRAZY cursive script that is barely legible will not work for this. Wives, this means don’t let your husband behind the keyboard.

Import graphics from the internet and not clip art – although clip art is an excellent source of imagery for borders. The clip art selection is never going to fit your exact needs, but if you aren’t a graphic artist- the internet has many online sources of entirely free, royalty free artwork to use in any production commercial and or private.

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Happy Halloween

In honor of all hallow’s eve where you can dress up and be almost anyone, I thought I’d share some of my favorite Fantasy Theme Weddings.
This Tron inspired wedding is absolutely brilliant. Check out the feature on Green Wedding Shoes for all the details.
This shoot was inspired by Tangled, but of course. Love this one as seen on Wedding Chicks.
This one was inspired by Super Mario. This one is so imaginative. I love it. See it here on Green Wedding Shoes.
Then, of course, theirs the fantastical scene of the wedding ceremony of Edward & Bella. In case you didn’t already know, I’m a big Twilight Fan. I’m also Team Edward. I’m prepared to see the movie opening night! Can’t wait!!!
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